Printalent Training ModelPresent Scenario

Skill development, whether at the frontline sales level, among the supervisory cadre, or at the production level is a matter of serious concern for the print organisations today. Forget grooming and presentation skills, most frontline sales people lack basic communication skills, both written and verbal. Valuable leads are not followed up due to poor time and territory management. Important orders are lost due to poor negotiation and closing tactics.


At the supervisory level, managers lack the necessary skills to motivate their team, do not know how to manage conflicts on the shop floor and rarely understand the role played by team work in achieving customer satisfaction.


This scenario often puts the senior management (often the business owner himself) in a dilemma. With deadlines to be met and orders to be fulfilled, how do they ensure that the key customers remain with them and are not poached by the competition? How do they set up systems and processes to ensure the longevity of the enterprise? How do they market and brand themselves in such a manner that the customers find their products and services different and unique? What about Business Development? Succession Planning?