Present Scenario

It is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and retain quality personnel. There is a shortage of good candidates with the right attitude and experience. The present system of garnering CVs through referrals does not work in this context. Even if you were to approach an HR recruitment firm, they sorely lack the knowledge of the printing industry and the contacts that are so vital to be effective and successful as a manpower provider in this specialised industry which requires specific skills.


The lack of industry knowledge also hinders HR recruitment companies from advising you on current salary levels, designations and performance-related incentives.


Caught up in the daily grind of running a company, the business owner often does not have the time and resources to screen the CVs to filter out unsuitable candidates, conduct interviews and structure an appropriate compensation package. We can help you avoid taking decisions in an ad hoc manner (especially decisions pertaining to fixing salaries and assigning designations), which could lead to disharmony and employee-dissatisfaction in the long run.