Benefits & Advantages

  1. Printalent takes on the responsibility of sourcing quality CVs for the customer, saving valuable time, effort and expense.
  2. Printalent prepares the detailed JDs after discussing the requirements of the job with the customer, for quick and focused results.
  3. Initial screening and short listing are done by Printalent.
  4. The customer does not have to plough through hundreds of CVs and filter out unsuitable ones. This is taken care of by us.
  5. Candidate Assessment Report (CAR) gives a short, succinct analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and is an invaluable tool during the interview process.
  6. Printalent assists the customer in setting up interviews, and proactively supports the customer during the interview process, itself.
  7. Assistance in structuring salaries and incentives.
  8. Candidate details and all matters pertaining to selection process are treated in strict confidence.