Present Scenario

In the crowded marketplace of today, Printing businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage. It is not just enough to demonstrate that they can deliver what the customer wants. They need to position their product or service as clearly distinct and superior than the competition. Smart marketing and marketing communications play a key role in this effort.

Caught up in the daily frenzy of running a business, companies often fail to see the whole picture and opt for a piece-meal development model as against a planned one. This is equally true whether one is adding excess printing capacity or planning for extra floor space. The problem gets even more complex when the enterprise is looking at expanding into new technological areas or new product categories where a wrong step can have grave consequences for the company’s future growth and success.

Analysing the current business model objectively and dispassionately becomes imperative if one has to align the organisation for the current market requirements and any new challenges the future may bring.