How Is Printalent different?

Printalent knows the Indian Printing & Publishing industry in-depth and also the unique challenges that this industry faces. We realise that a “one size fits all” approach does not work here and trying to blindly copy solutions that work in other industries can be a sure recipe for failure. This is why Printalent has gone to great lengths to customise both approach and content, to suit the needs of this particular industry.


Thus, when it comes to recruiting we go beyond the usual and offer assistance in preparation of Job Descriptions and conduct the preliminary interviews ourselves to get you the best possible candidates and fitment. Likewise, we do not offer any pre-packaged training, preferring instead to offer only customised training modules, after analysing the specific training needs of an organisation. You will also notice this difference when you look at our Consulting offerings, which are never “off the shelf”, but based on our own experience and deep knowledge of the Indian printing and publishing industry


The unique feature here is that we follow up, review and where necessary, provide professionally-certified, one-on-one coaching for successful workplace application of classroom learning.